You're a GEM


Opal∙Onyx is a hair studio located in South Tempe dedicated to giving every client the best and latest hair care services in the industry. Visit our charming studio to find good vibes, positive energy, and amazing service. 


“You won’t find a better stylist, so do run to her salon and do tell all your friends. You will feel so lucky that you got established with her while you still could! Trust me.”

-Heather leggett


“If you live anywhere near this lady and need your hair done you would be insane to not get with her. She is the Hair Whisperer!”

-windy smith


“I LOVE getting my hair done with Nikki.. she makes me feel so "in the now". I can't wait to get back in her chair. Her confident, yet sweet approach makes me excited to have my hair done with her!”

-Amber klassen